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Medicare leads are specialized leads that connect insurance agents with individuals with a specific interest in Medicare-related services.

What are Medicare Leads?​

Medicare leads refer to individuals who have expressed interest in Medicare-related insurance plans and services. These leads are often generated through various marketing efforts and inquiries from individuals nearing Medicare eligibility. Insurance agents and companies use these leads to connect with potential clients and provide them with information about Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and other Medicare-related coverage options. These leads are valuable for helping individuals make informed decisions about their healthcare coverage as they approach Medicare eligibility. Generating and managing Medicare leads is a crucial aspect of the insurance industry’s efforts to assist seniors in accessing suitable healthcare options

How Do We Generate These Leads?

Trained Staff

In our international call center, we’ve curated an exceptional team of tech-savvy and personable professionals. Our selection process is rigorous, prioritizing candidates with strong English fluency and a proven sales background. We heavily invest in their training to ensure they possess a deep understanding of essential life insurance concepts, making them fully capable of providing you with expert assistance.

Final Expense Script

Our leads are generated using a carefully crafted script designed with both our agents and potential clients in mind. Our primary goal is to transform follow-up calls into authentic conversations, empowering our agents to establish more effective connections and arrange meaningful appointments. If you’re interested in reviewing our Medicare script, we’d be delighted to provide it to you. We prioritize infusing these interactions with a human touch, ensuring they carry genuine significance.

Data Scrubbing

We initiate our process with a comprehensive data cleansing phase, strictly adhering to TCPA regulations. This meticulous data cleansing is seamlessly integrated into our cutting-edge predictive dialing software, known for its user-friendly interface and advanced capabilities. This technology not only significantly enhances the efficiency of our calling team but also optimizes lead usage, resulting in substantial cost savings for insurance agents.

Quality Control

When a potential client expresses interest in exploring Medicare options, we treat their inquiry with the utmost importance. Our dedicated team actively engages in these conversations, meticulously assessing and filtering leads that exhibit genuine interest. This quality control process is underpinned by our unwavering commitment to providing prospects with the crucial information they seek, ensuring that every interaction is of significant value. Rest assured, we proactively ensure that you exclusively receive high-quality leads.

Filtered Data

We go the extra mile by fine-tuning the data according to your precise requirements, whether that entails narrowing it down by state, county, zip code, or specific preferred cities. Our objective is to connect you with individuals who precisely match your desired demographic, typically those aged 64 and above with lower income levels. Our unwavering commitment is to tailor our approach to meet your specific needs.

Quick Delivery

After we’ve gathered the leads, we take additional steps to streamline the process for our agents. We carefully organize all the data into a user-friendly Google spreadsheet, guaranteeing ease of use. You can expect to receive this valuable information within just 3-5 business days from the moment you place your order. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to seamlessly integrate it into your preferred CRM or dialing software, allowing you to initiate contact with these prospects in a manner that effortlessly aligns with your workflow.

Why You Should Buy Medicare Leads?

Generating high-quality leads has always posed challenges, regardless of your business’s size. Managing both lead generation and sales responsibilities can be demanding. To ease this burden, a prudent choice is to explore investing in Medicare leads. This decision can free you from complexities and connect you with an affordable company equipped to address many of your challenges effectively.

Imagine a scenario where you no longer need to purchase data lists or spend your days cold-calling strangers. Why expend your precious energy when you can entrust these tasks to us? Instead of grappling with frustration over your results, consider partnering with a reputable company like ours, boasting a team of seasoned, highly professional agents eager to assist you.

In essence, our leads typically consist of individuals aged 64 and above who understand the value of Medicare benefits. Our team of experts ensures that every message is conveyed considerately and courteously, always respecting the unique circumstances of each lead.

What we confirm from prospect

  • 1. Full Name: Address the prospect professionally from the very beginning with their full name.
  • 2. Complete Address: Knowing the prospect’s location allows you to offer region-specific plans tailored to their needs.
  • 3. Medicare Confirmation: Prospect must have Medicare Part A and Part B.
  • 4. Best Callback Time: Confirming the best call back time so agent calls accordingly.
  • 5. Age Verification: Know the prospect’s age to tailor your conversation and provide suitable coverage options.
  • 6. Health Status: Ensure the prospect doesn’t have any major health issues to focus on viable coverage options.
  • 7. Favorite Color: Confirming favorite color for the reference.

What Make Us Different?

We set ourselves apart from the competition by offering numerous compelling reasons that make us the preferred choice for many. In addition to the qualities we take pride in, there are distinct elements that not only distinguish us but also position us as an exclusive and truly unique option. These exceptional features encompass:

No Contracts​

Rest easy with confidence – there’s no need to fret over binding contracts, long-term commitments, or annoying cancellation fees. With us, you have the freedom to acquire exactly what you need, precisely when you need it. We prioritize simplicity and flexibility so you can focus on what truly matters to you.

Best Customer Service​

When questions arise, you won’t find yourself lost in automated systems or endlessly waiting for email responses. When you call, you’ll always connect with a real person on the other end, ready to assist you promptly. Moreover, any emails you send will receive a swift response, typically within the next business day. We’re committed to providing you with the personal attention and support you deserve.

Exclusive Leads​​

We distinguish ourselves from other lead companies in a significant way. Once a lead becomes yours, it remains exclusively yours, never to be recycled or resold to anyone else. We firmly believe in safeguarding your investment entirely in your hands, just as it should be. Your trust is of paramount importance to us, and we are steadfast in maintaining it.

Secure Payment

Bid farewell to the inconveniences of faxing orders, mailing checks, or dealing with cancellations over the phone. With us, you can conveniently make payments for your leads using a secure online form. Our goal is to ensure your experience is seamless and hassle-free, enabling you to concentrate on what truly matters.


At the heart of our values is a commitment to honesty and transparency. We believe in upholding openness and clarity, ensuring there are no hidden surprises for you. Your trust is our top priority, and we want you to feel fully informed every step of the way.

Leads Replacement Policy

We’re here to ensure your satisfaction. If you receive telemarketing leads from us that didn’t express an interest in further information, we’ll gladly replace them for you. Please rest assured that we are dedicated to making sure you receive the value you deserve, and there are no restrictions on replacements for your orders.

Our Customers​

Explore Why We Are Their Trusted Choice. We have many agents and agencies from different insurance carrier buying leads from us.

Why our leads are best?

Genuine Leads​

Here’s why we consistently build trust and loyalty: We steer clear of the practice of acquiring leads from third-party wholesalers who deal in low-quality, inexpensive leads. Instead, we wholeheartedly embrace a genuine, hands-on approach to provide you with nothing but the highest-quality Medicare leads.

Qualified Leads​

As we’ve emphasized time and again, our unwavering dedication centers on delivering premium leads. We don’t compromise on quality merely to satisfy our clients. In fact, we willingly embrace the most challenging paths to ensure the most enduring and impactful results.

​​Best ROI

When you partner with us, there’s no turning back, as you’ll find yourself fully immersed in savoring the success of your business. It’s not just about receiving top-tier leads or qualified prospects; it’s about turning all your business dreams into tangible reality, no matter how big or small they may be.

Different Ways Of Generating Medicare Leads

Facebook Medicare Leads

One platform that maintains enduring relevance is Facebook. While younger generations may use it less frequently, Facebook advertising remains a potent tool for businesses, capturing significant attention. The return on investment (ROI) for Facebook advertising, particularly in the context of Medicare, consistently shows favorable outcomes. While it’s true that younger generations may use it less frequently, Facebook advertising remains a potent tool for businesses, capturing significant attention.

Why is this the case? Because many older individuals actively seek assistance plans and engage with insurance firms or organizations directly through Facebook. Essentially, when a lead expresses genuine interest in insurance on this platform, it serves as evidence of how the best-qualified leads can be nurtured. In addition to our Facebook ads, we complement the process with personalized phone calls, ensuring a well-rounded approach to connecting with potential clients. It’s about seamlessly blending the digital and the human touch to create meaningful interactions.

Telemarketing Medicare Leads

Generating Medicare leads through telemarketing involves making outbound calls, and we understand that dealing with telemarketers can present challenges. However, we’re dedicated to ensuring a seamless experience for you. Our devoted team of telemarketers is equipped with a carefully crafted script, meticulously refined through advanced dialing software.
This script thoroughly covers all the information required to address any questions or concerns the leads may have, leaving no lead unattended. Our telemarketers reach out to the most promising and qualified leads, introducing them to the valuable insurance plan you offer. They possess the expertise to present the plan as precisely what these leads need at this moment.
Recognizing the sensitivity of the topic, our agents approach the matter with the utmost care and empathy, ensuring that every interaction is conducted with the respect and consideration it deserves. Our goal is to provide not only information but also understanding and support to potential clients, fostering meaningful connections in the process.

Website Medicare Leads

In the realm of Medicare Leads, the digital landscape plays a pivotal role. There exists a multitude of dedicated Medicare websites that empower clients to access quotes, potentially expanding the pool of leads available to you. Furthermore, we have cultivated partnerships with other websites that offer Medicare quotes, providing an exceptional opportunity to access a substantial volume of leads.

These website-generated leads undergo careful vetting and meet the criteria your plan requires. We ensure that each lead is qualified and eligible before sending them your way. It’s all about connecting you with individuals who genuinely match your insurance plan’s needs, enabling you to provide them with the support and coverage they deserve.

“Amazing Quality Leads and Great Results!”​

US Leads truly stand out! I’ve worked with various lead providers, and without a doubt, US Leads Agency is my top pick. On average, I consistently see my annual premium earnings triple or even quadruple thanks to their leads.

Scott Rosen​

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