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Final expense leads are specialized leads that connect insurance agents with individuals actively seeking coverage to handle their funeral expenses

What are Final Expense Leads?​

Final expense leads are real people who are actively searching for an affordable way to secure their funeral or burial expenses in 2023. Many of these individuals, often seniors, understand the profound value of final expense insurance – it’s a way to ease the financial burden on their loved ones during a challenging time. These leads consist of folks who’ve faced the uncertainties of life head-on and recognize the importance of planning for their end-of-life expenses. Surprisingly, many people remain unaware of the advantages offered by final expense insurance, making it a tough challenge even for well-established agencies to find the right leads. We step in to bridge this gap, creating a win-win situation for both customers and companies. Our approach makes it possible for any agency or business to connect with qualified leads. Customers discover the perfect plan they’ve been seeking, and companies gain access to a pool of genuinely interested leads to help grow their business. It’s all about making life a little easier for everyone.

How Do We Generate These Leads?

Trained Staff

In our overseas call center, we have a wonderful team of friendly and tech-savvy individuals. We carefully select team members based on their fluency in English and their experience in sales. We provide them with comprehensive training in the essentials of life insurance. ensuring they’re well-equipped to assist you. So when you reach out to us, you can trust that you’ll be talking to real people who are here to help you with a personal touch. We always select the best.

Final Expense Script

We create leads using a carefully crafted script that’s designed with both agents and potential clients in mind. Our goal is to make those follow-up calls feel more like genuine conversations, so agents can connect more effectively and schedule appointments that matter. If you’d like to take a look at our Final Expense telemarketing script, we’d be happy to share it with you. It’s all about making those interactions more human and meaningful. We always make sure to follow the script strictly.

Data Scrubbing

We take meticulously cleaned data, making sure it complies with TCPA regulations, and input it into our cutting-edge, user-friendly predictive dialing software. This innovative tool not only boosts our callers’ efficiency but also helps insurance agents save on lead costs. We scrub all of our data against the DNC list to make sure you don’t get any DNC numbers. It’s all about enhancing productivity and making things easier for our team, so we can better serve you.

Quality Control

When a senior expresses interest in learning more about Final Expense options, we take their call seriously. Our dedicated team listens to the conversation, ensuring that we’re sending only the most genuinely interested leads to our agents. It’s a quality control process driven by our commitment to connecting seniors with the information they need, making sure every interaction counts. We make sure that you are only getting the quality leads and we filter out the bad calls.

Filtered Data

we refine the data to match your specific preferences, whether it’s by state, county, zip code, or your preferred cities. Our aim is to connect with individuals who fit the demographic you’re looking for – typically, folks aged between 50 and 80 years old, with income levels ranging from $15,000 to $75,000. We’re all about tailoring our approach to your unique needs, so you can connect with the right people for your insurance services.

Quick Delivery

Once we’ve gathered the leads, we go the extra mile to make things convenient for our agents. We carefully organize all the information into a user-friendly Google spreadsheet. You can expect to receive this valuable data within just 3-5 business days after placing your order. And the best part? You have the freedom to seamlessly upload it into your preferred CRM or dialing software, so you can start connecting with these prospects in a way that suits your workflow best. .

Why You Should Buy Final Expense Leads?

Generating high-quality leads has always been a tough nut to crack, regardless of your business’s size. Juggling lead management and sales can be quite a challenge. To ease this burden, the smart move is to consider investing in final expense leads. It’s a way to free yourself from the hassle and partner with an affordable company that can help solve many of your problems.
Imagine not having to purchase data lists or spend your day cold-calling strangers. Why exhaust your energy when you can entrust these tasks to us? Instead of feeling frustrated with your results, team up with a reputable company like ours, which boasts a team of experienced, highly professional agents eager to assist you.
In essence, our leads often consist of older individuals who understand the inevitability of life’s final chapter. We approach these conversations with utmost sensitivity, valuing the emotions of all involved. Our team of experts ensures that every message is conveyed in a considerate and polite manner, respecting the unique circumstances of each lead.

What we confirm from prospect

  • 1. Full Name: Address the prospect professionally from the very beginning with their full name.
  • 2. Complete Address: Knowing the prospect’s location allows you to offer region-specific plans tailored to their needs.
  • 3. Coverage Amount: Understand the coverage amount they seek to recommend suitable plans that match their requirements.
  • 4. Beneficiary Information: Learn about their preferred beneficiary for the coverage amount, highlighting the importance of protecting their loved ones financially.
  • 5. Bank Account Availability: Confirm if they have a bank account, enabling you to suggest appropriate payment methods and plans.
  • 6. Age Verification: Know the prospect’s age to tailor your conversation and provide suitable coverage options.
  • 7. Nursing Home and Health Status: Ensure the prospect is not in a nursing home and doesn’t have any major health issues to focus on viable coverage options.
  • 7. Favorite Color: Confirming favorite color for the reference.

What Make Us Different?

We stand out from the competition for several compelling reasons, making us the preferred choice for many. Beyond the qualities we pride ourselves on, there are distinct elements that set us apart, making us special, exclusive, and truly unique. Among these distinguishing features are:

No Contracts​

You can breathe easy – there’s no need to fret about contracts, being tied down long-term, or dealing with pesky cancellation fees. With us, you have the freedom to purchase exactly what you need, precisely when you need it. We’re all about keeping things simple and flexible, so you can focus on what matters most to you.

Best Customer Service​

Whenever you have questions, you won’t be stuck navigating automated systems or waiting endlessly for an email response. When you call, you’ll always have a real person on the other end of the line ready to assist you. Plus, rest assured that any emails you send will receive a prompt response, typically within the next day. We’re here to provide you with the personal attention and support you deserve.

Exclusive Leads​​

We’re not like those other lead companies. When a lead becomes yours, it’s yours for keeps, and we’ll never recycle or resell it to anyone else. We believe in keeping your investment 100% yours, just the way it should be. Your trust means everything to us.

Secure Payment

Say goodbye to the hassles of faxing orders, mailing checks, or dealing with cancellations over the phone. With us, you can easily pay for your leads using a secure online form. We’re all about making your experience as smooth and convenient as possible, so you can focus on what really matters.


At the heart of our values lies a commitment to honesty and transparency. We believe in keeping everything open and clear, ensuring there are no hidden surprises for you. Your trust is our priority, and we want you to feel completely informed every step of the way.

Leads Replacement Policy

We’re here to ensure your satisfaction. If you receive telemarketing leads from us that didn’t express an interest in more information, we’ll gladly replace them for you. Please know that we’re committed to making sure you get the value you deserve, and there are no replacement restrictions for your orders.

Our Customers​

Explore Why We Are Their Trusted Choice. We have many agents and agencies from different insurance carrier buying leads from us.

Why our leads are best?

Genuine Leads​

Here’s why we consistently win hearts: We steer clear of purchasing leads from third-party wholesalers who peddle cheap, subpar quality leads. Instead, we’re all about the authentic, hands-on approach to bring you the absolute best Final Expense leads.

Qualified Leads​

As we’ve emphasized repeatedly, our unwavering commitment revolves around delivering top-tier leads to you. We don’t cut corners to appease our clients. In fact, we willingly take on the most challenging routes to ensure the most enduring outcomes.

​​Best ROI

When you partner with us, there’s no turning back, because you’ll be too engrossed in savoring the success of your business. It’s not just about top-notch leads or qualified prospects; it’s about turning all your business dreams into reality, no matter how big or small.

Different Ways Of Generating Final Expense Leads

Facebook Final Expense Leads

One platform that maintains its enduring relevance is Facebook. While it’s true that younger generations may use it less frequently, Facebook advertising remains a potent tool for businesses, capturing significant attention. The return on investment (ROI) for Facebook advertising, especially for final expense leads, has consistently proven favorable.

Why? Because many older individuals actively seek assistance plans and engage with insurance firms or organizations directly through Facebook. In essence, when a lead expresses genuine interest in insurance, it’s a testament to how the best qualified leads are nurtured. In addition to our Facebook ads, we complement the process with personal phone calls, ensuring a well-rounded approach to connecting with potential clients. It’s about combining the digital and the human touch to create meaningful interactions.

Telemarketing Final Expense Leads

Generating Final Expense leads through telemarketing involves making outbound calls, and we understand that dealing with telemarketers can be challenging. However, we’re here to make this process as smooth as possible for you. Our dedicated team of telemarketers is equipped with an ideal script, meticulously crafted through various dialing software.
This script covers all the information needed to address any questions or concerns the leads might have, ensuring that no lead is left behind. Our telemarketers reach out to the best and most qualified leads, introducing them to the valuable insurance plan you offer. They possess the expertise to present the plan as precisely what these leads need at this moment.
Given the sensitivity of the topic, our agents approach the matter with the utmost care and empathy, ensuring that every interaction is conducted with the respect and consideration it deserves. It’s about delivering not just information but also understanding and support to potential clients.

Website Final Expense Leads

When it comes to Final Expense Leads, the online realm plays a significant role. Various websites are dedicated to final expense, allowing clients to access quotes that could potentially boost the number of leads you receive. Additionally, we’ve formed partnerships with other websites offering final expense quotes, providing you with an excellent opportunity to access as many leads as you need.

These website generated leads are carefully vetted and meet the criteria your plan requires . We ensure that each lead is qualified and eligible before sending them your way. Its all about connecting you with individuals who genuinely match your insurance plan’s needs, so you can provide them with the support and coverage they deserve.

“Amazing Quality Leads and Great Results!”​

US Leads truly stand out! I’ve worked with various lead providers, and without a doubt, US Leads Agency is my top pick. On average, I consistently see my annual premium earnings triple or even quadruple thanks to their leads.

Justin Rosen​

Final Expense Agent

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